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Helsingborg International Connections –

a warm welcome for your international talent!


Helsingborg International Connections (HIC) supports international citizens in the Familjen Helsingborg area by providing regular events in English, helpful information and a weekly drop-in session where we answer questions about living in Helsingborg.

HIC offers a ready-made network for your international talent and their families to plug into, helping them integrate more quickly and easily into their new environment. Our events are a mixture of social, informative and professional, and provide a warm atmosphere in which to meet other internationals. We facilitate introductions which create new friendships, new jobs and new opportunities for talent, international masters’ students and partners/spouses.


At Tuesday morning drop-in sessions, there’s always a friendly face and practical guidance for both every-day and unusual queries. From local shopping enquiries to developing a new business idea or dealing with divorce and bereavement, we’ve been able to extend a helping hand and point people in the right direction to solve their queries.


We also arrange a tailor-made service for those employees who would benefit from a personalised individual or family support programme. We can facilitate in-house group welcome sessions or orientation events, depending on your business needs. Welcome to discuss further with us!


The benefits for your company  

  • Attraction and retention of international talent

The presence of a welcoming network, backed by the municipality, makes Helsingborg an attractive place to relocate to. HIC receives many enquiries from potential movers in the research phase! A strong support system enables new arrivals to integrate more quickly and develop a deeper bond with their community. The knowledge that your employee’s partner/spouse/family is happy in their new environment makes it much simpler for them to focus on their assignment and for your company to retain their expertise for longer. Successful talent retention reduces the possibility of contracts terminating early, keeps competence in-house and avoids the additional high expenses of unexpected recruitment.



  • Connecting you with international culture, language and competence

There is a large pool of unused local international talent which can be deployed to assist companies who wish to expand into new international markets, or work on specific projects. We see great potential in connecting the HIC network with local business and will be focusing on this area as we move into 2019. We are looking for ways to bring talent and business together in the form of study visits and guest speakers, and the establishment of work experience, internships, assignments and employment opportunities. Please contact Sally at the email address below if you would like to help in this way!


  • Partner network

In 2019 we will be introducing a partner network which will give local businesses the opportunity to present their services to the HIC community at selected events. Internationals always prefer word-of-mouth recommendations, so this will be an ideal way to connect with an engaged audience who may not know how certain systems such as banking, pensions, real estate, healthcare, law, etc, function in Sweden, and who would like to use relevant services. Please contact Sally at the email address below if this sounds interesting!


HIC was launched in 2014 and is an independent organisation working closely with Helsingborgs stad Näringsliv & Destinationsutveckling. HIC receives support from Helsingborgs stad in the form of office space, office resources, catering and funding for events. In 2017 HIC participated in the SoPact accelerator programme for social entrepreneurs and in 2018 was invited to be included on the 100 Social Innovations of Skåne website. During 2018, HIC was invited to participate in an EU project study visit to Holland Expat Center South, Eindhoven, and a follow-up conference in Tallin regarding the integration of international talent across 7 EU member states.



Tack så mycket!




Sally Russell, Co-founder

Helsingborg International Connections ekonomisk förening

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